Mission Statement
What is our purpose? What do we believe?

The mission of the Louisiana Power Coalition, LLC is to mobilize other like-minded citizens to protect, defend and secure sound and constitutional public policy at the local, state and national level.

We believe in the Constitution of the United States. Diminishing the role of government through lower taxes and less regulation is the focus of our mission. The Louisiana Power Coalition, LLC will implement its mission by effectively communicating with our lawmakers and influencing policy with a system which will bridge the gap between them and their constituents.

We also believe that our nation’s heritage is based on Biblical principles. We will defend any person’s right to worship as long as that worship in no way seeks to override the founding principles of our heritage and Constitution. We are committed to ensuring the maintenance of our inalienable rights which come from God.

Who is the Louisiana Power Coalition really?

fullsizerender-3The Louisiana Power Coalition is dedicated to the United States Constitution and the God given principles it was founded upon. We work together as volunteers (except our Lobbyist is paid) to uphold the Constitution by being “Voters in Action”. We work together as volunteers and lobbyist to uphold the Constitution by being “Voters in Action”.

We invite you (with similar views as we are on our Issue page) to join with us and become members!

One of the immediate issues in our local area is the controversy generated around the Confederate Monument at the Caddo Parish Courthouse. The left is trying to use it as a wedge issue. Please help support the efforts to KEEP this historical monument in place!