About Us

We believe in the Constitution of the United States. Diminishing the role of government through lower taxes and less regulation is the focus of our mission. The Louisiana Power Coalition, LLC will implement its mission by effectively communicating with our lawmakers and influencing policy with a system which will bridge the gap between them and their constituents.

We also believe that our nation’s heritage is based on Biblical principles. We will defend any person’s right to worship as long as that worship in no way seeks to override the founding principles of our heritage and Constitution. We are committed to ensuring the maintenance of our inalienable rights which come from God.

Who is the Louisiana Power Coalition, really?

The Louisiana Power Coalition is dedicated to the United States Constitution and the God given principles it was founded upon. We work together as volunteers (except for our Lobbyist, who is paid) to uphold the Constitution by being “Voters in Action”.

If you hold the same views as we do, we invite you to join with us and become members!


To Whom it May Concern,

I recently met members of the Louisiana Power Coalition at my annual St. Louis Eagle Forum leadership meeting.

The Louisiana Power Coalition is smart to ban together with like-minded organizations to hire a person to represent their interests in Baton Rouge. My most successful Eagle Forum chapters have someone monitoring legislation, testifying in committees, and building relationships at state legislatures. I believe one of the most effective ways to clean up the state legislatures and take Washington back for “We the People” is having watch dogs at state legislatures. Please do everything you can to help Sandy McDade, my Louisiana Eagle Forum President, and the leadership of “We the People” to get the Louisiana Power Coalition up and going and put a lobbyist in the Legislature of Louisiana.

I wholeheartedly endorse their effort.


Want to find out where the LA Power Coalition stands on current political issues of the day? You're on the right page!

  • Common Core

    ESSA, or an other federalization of education takes away from how to educate best. LPC is for education to be driven by educators who understand that local curricula, local tests and local material is the best for teaching students of their region.

  • Second Amendment Rights

    For the right to bear arms and against any laws that restrict the ability to protect ourselves.

  • Pro-Life

    We believe life begins at conception and we are against abortions at any time.

  • No New Taxes

    Against any tax increases that are unreasonable.

  • Real ID

    National ID card that includes a biometric picture. The picture is a tracking and storing mechanism that the government uses and shares with other countries. This is an intrusion of citizens privacy and should be repealed nationwide.

  • Immigration

    Follow the laws on the books regarding immigration. Proper vetting of those entering our country. Obtain citizenship through the process already in place. Against sanctuary cities, illegals getting drivers licenses and collecting welfare benefits.

  • Social Issues / Misc.

    Against State paid tax credits for solar panels because Federal Government pays 50%. Against legalization of Marijuana.

Take Action - What can I do to help?

  • Get Informed

    • Join us at our monthly meetings to understand current issues
    • Mark your calendar for upcoming meetings
  • Get Involved -- Your country needs YOU!

    • Register to vote – good citizens vote every opportunity they can.
    • Conservatives need to play an active role in government like never before.
    • Network with our members and invite your friends and family to our monthly meetings!
    • Join our team and become a Core Member
  • Take Action

    • Contact your Legislators and Members of Congress
    • Speak out in the public arena (letters-to-editor, and talk radio)
    • Attend School Board, City Council and Parish Meetings
    • Make a contribution to help us continue to stand up to liberals and represent conservative values or find out more about being a sponsor to Louisiana Power Coalition,


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